CBSE Skill Education – Never try to seize opportunities. Allow it to come to you by adding value and developing uncommon skillsets.

CBSE Skill Education

MCQs are designed by the teachers and examiners team. This will help the students to understand the topic in a better way.
Subjective QA
All subjective questions are framed topic wise from the textbook. Students are advised to go through the questions and answers.
Online Test
This is conducted basically to improve the practice in answering the questions. This helps to check the student’s knowledge on the topic.

About CBSE Skill Education

Skill Education of Vocational Education is the skill based learning process –ie, learning things by doing or practice. It envisions imparting knowledge and skills to the students that will help them to use the acquired knowledge in real life situations.

Engaging the students in skill based learning is of great importance. It makes the students confident and independent. These two qualities make students successful in life.

Our team is in a mission to provide maximum inputs to the students that will develop their knowledge through practical activities. As a team, we think about it and work on it on a daily basis. The tireless efforts of our team boost the morale of our students.

Areas of Work on Skill Education

Question banks

We prepare and provide the question banks for each and every subject. They are prepared chapter wise to ease the learning process. It includes both objective type questions, short answers and long answers. It has been prepared keeping in mind the needs of average and higher level students of the entire world.

Practice Tests

Tests are integral part of a student’s life. This helps them to improve their study habits. The students will come to know where they stand in their learning process. We conduct chapter wise class tests that helps the students to remember often what they studied in the class room atmosphere. Proper guidance is given after assessing the test papers. Our aim through this is to give them practice in writing skills.


Best Website for Skills Subjects

I have been looking for a website like this since many years. I have tried everything but didn’t get a proper one that will guide me regarding Skill Education. I was excited to read the ideas explained beautifully in this website. I’m glad and thankful to Mr. Anurag, the web designer.

Mr. Francis Joseph
Sr. Secondary Lecturer



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