Information Technology Class 10 Question Answer

Information Technology Class 10 Question Answer – This website give the solutions for CBSE Class 10 IT code 402. The website contains solutions for both Part A: Employability Skills and Part B: Subject Specific Skills. Part A has 5 chapters with a total of 10 marks for the board exam and solutions for all chapters of Employability Skills are provided.

Part B has 4 chapters with a total of 40 marks, making it the most important section for students to score well in their Class 10 Information Technology Code 402 exams. It is suggested to thoroughly read the notes and then move on to the questions and answers section to understand the chapter in an easy manner.

IT is part of the of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Students aiming for a career in engineering should perform well in this subject as IT is a widely pursued branch of engineering. Practicing question and answer with Class 10 IT sample papers can help students prepare effectively for their board exams and increase their chances of scoring well.

Information Technology Class 10 Question Answer
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Information Technology Class 10 Question Answer

Employability skills QASubject Specific skills QA
Unit 1- Communication SkillsUnit 1- Digital Documentation
Unit 2- Self-Management SkillsUnit 2- Electronic Spreadsheet
Unit 3- Basic ICT SkillsUnit 3- RDBMS
Unit 4- Entrepreneurial SkillsUnit 4- Web Applications And Security
Unit 5- Green Skills

Information technology code 402 class 10 solutions unit 1 : communication skills

Communication Skills regarding the term of knowledge is very important in the occupation or business. This is important that students can read, write and speak english language in order to communicate properly.

information technology code 402 class 10 with solutions

Class 10 IT Code 402 solution in accordance with revised syllabus. You may discover class 10 it code 402 answers in this article. CBSE changed a some information in IT CODE 402 this year, thus it’s imperative that you obtain the appropriate study materials for your coursework.

Information technology code 402 class 10 solutions pdf

You can find all the pdf solutions from our website, All the questions given chapter wise and all the important questions are based on CBSE Exam.

Information technology class 10 question bank pdf

You can use all the questions for the purpose of questions banks pdf.

Information technology code 402 class 10 solutions | unit 2

Unit 2 is also very important for the examination, you can find notes all important MCQs and questions and answers from our website.

Information technology code 402 class 10 solutions unit 4

Unit 4 is also crucial for the test; on our website, you can access notes for all the significant multiple-choice questions (MCQs) as well as questions and answers.

Information technology code 402 class 10 pdf

You can download Information Technology class 10 402 from website.

Information technology code 402 class 10 book solutions unit 3

All the book solutions are given in our website please click on above link.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the passing marks of Information Technology Class 10?

A candidate must receive a grade higher than E (i.e., at least 33% marks) in each of the five external examination subjects in the main or compartmental exams in order to be considered passed. Each topic examined externally will require a pass mark of 33%.

Is Information Technology hard in class 10?

Is the information technology syllabus for CBSE Class 10 difficult? Indeed. The CBSE Class 10 Information Technology Syllabus is deemed reasonable by professionals and educators.

What is the practical marks for Information Technology class 10?

As we can see, 50 marks are allocated for this subject’s theoretical portion. The remaining fifty marks are for projects and practical work.

What is Information Technology class 10th?

Information technology is the field of study that deals with the sending and receiving of data using computers as a means of communication. The use of computers for data storage, retrieval, transmission, and manipulation is known as information technology.

Will computer marks be added in 10th board 2024?

Yes, grades are a consideration. Only the top five subjects are taken into account for determining the percentage, out of the six. For instance, the marks from the second language course where you performed the lowest will not be taken into account when determining your percentage.

What is CBSE code 402?

Vocational Information Technology Course Code 402, Class 10.

Is CBSE board strict?

For the CBSE 10th grades, it is regarded as rigorous. On the other hand, evaluators’ checks are allegedly more lax than those they conducted in their schools’ Class 9 and 11.

Is CBSE board checking strict?

Mathematics is a mandatory subject in CBSE class 10. For CBSE class 10, the mathematics subject code is 041.

Will CBSE give marks in 2024?

Class 12 CBSE Grading System 2024: A nine-point scale ranging from A1 to E is used in the CBSE Class 12 Grading System 2024. In contrast to prior years, CBSE will not reveal the final score or overall percentage. Students will instead be given subject-based grades.

Does CBSE give grace marks?

In order to receive grace marks in board exams, you need to pay attention to a few points. Grace points are awarded in two scenarios, and you have to fall into one of them. Make sure you answer every question on the test: Students who study hard and score well on the exam are awarded grace marks by the CBSE.

Does CBSE give attempting marks?

Marks are awarded by CBSE for answering questions. But it all depends on the question’s format, the examiner’s enticing approach, and your response to it. For instance, you can still receive credit for trying a question on the CBSE board test even if the answer is wrong.

What is fail marks in CBSE?

If a student receives less than 33 percentile in any subject, they will be said to be failing. In order to pass a subject in both the Class 10th and Class 12th exams, students must receive at least 33% of the possible points, according to the CBSE passing criterion.

Do CBSE repeat questions?

It’s likely that the questions you get will resemble those in the sample paper in terms of format, style, and degree of difficulty. The truth is that you rarely see questions from practice papers directly repeated in the CBSE Class 12 Board Exam.

What is a grace mark?

Additional marks given to pupils in specific situations to give them a chance to raise their total results are known as grace marks. These grades serve as a safety net, particularly for students who might be in danger of failing or who had unanticipated difficulties throughout the test.

What is the pass marks out of 80?

Out of 80, 26 scores are the bare minimum needed to pass. Therefore, you must receive 26 passing marks out of 80. Students must receive at least passing grades in the theory, internal evaluation, and practicals for CBSE Classes 12 and 10.

Does board give marks for attempting questions?

Yes, you will undoubtedly receive a half-mark for each question you attempt. Just remember that you write on the subject in one way or another. In general, checkers also award you with grace marks if you require two or three more points to pass the exam.

Do grace marks mean pass or fail?

Additional marks, known as grace marks, are awarded to students who just miss completing a test or receiving a better division. The examining body or educational institution gives these marks as a kind of mercy to help the student pass the test or raise their total grade.

Do examiners give grace marks?

The majority of the checkers allow students to pass with grace. Ultimately, though, it is best to err on the side of caution because, you never know, some examiners are true rule-followers and won’t grant pupils grace marks even if they are only one mark below.

How many maximum grace marks are given in CBSE?

Yes, students who fail the exam by no more than three marks are granted grace marks by the CBSE.

What is the best of 5 rule in CBSE exam?

The “top 5 rule” is commonly employed to determine the proportion of marks a student receives on their board examinations. The percentage is determined using the student’s top five subjects, which include one language subject (either Hindi or English) and any additional four courses, in accordance with CBSE regulations.

Will computer marks be added in 10th board percentage?

Yes, in the CBSE Class 10 finals, your computer scores will be added to your overall score. There are 100 marks total for the computer exam, with 50 for theory and 50 for practical. Your combined marks from each will determine your final computer score.

Is it compulsory to pass in additional subject in CBSE Class 10?

Yes, this is the benefit of having an extra subject for the CBSE board. To pass the Class 10 CBSE board exams, a student needs to pass each of the five subjects with at least 33% of the possible points.

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