Information Technology Class 10 Notes

Information Technology Class 10 Notes – These Class 10 IT notes is concise and comprehensive designed to save you valuable time. They cover all the important aspects of the Class 10 IT NCERT textbook. The Information Technology curriculum has been updated and is now divided into two parts: Part A focuses on Employability skills, and Part B covers Subject Specific skills.

This article provides a notes, MCQs and Questions and answers for CBSE Class 10 Information Technology (Code 402) according to the revised syllabus for the Board Examination. CBSE has made changes to the syllabus and exam pattern for almost all subjects, including a new format for the final term exam where only 50 marks are theory, with the remaining 50 marks given by the school through internal and practical assessments. The practical examination will consist of a written computer-based test, as well as a VIVA-VOCE oral test where the teacher will ask questions to assess the students’ complete understanding. These changes aim to provide students with a more relaxed examination experience.

Information Technology Class 10 Notes
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Information Technology Class 10 Notes

Employability skills Notes ( 10 Marks )Subject Specific skills Notes ( 40 Marks )
Unit 1- Communication SkillsUnit 1- Digital Documentation
Unit 2- Self-Management SkillsUnit 2- Electronic Spreadsheet
Unit 3- Basic ICT SkillsUnit 3- RDBMS
Unit 4- Entrepreneurial SkillsUnit 4- Web Applications And Security
Unit 5- Green Skills

Information technology class 10 notes pdf or class 10 information technology notes

Download the information technology code 402 class 10 syllabus notes in accordance with the updated structure. We have included a PDF of every chapter in IT Code 402 for Class 10 for the Board Examination in this article. The updated class 10 syllabus was issued by CBSE this year. The class 10 syllabus has undergone numerous revisions in preparation for the board exam.

information technology code 402 class 10 pdf or Information technology code 402 class 10 notes pdf,

class 10 information technology notes 402, You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re seeking for the top IT Class 10 Notes pdf. Based on the most recent IT 402 curriculum for the board exam in 2024, we have included Class 10 IT code 402 Notes in this post.

Information technology class 10 notes handwritten

In case you’ve been looking for Ranjit Singh Class 10 Computer Handwritten Notes. It’s what you’ll get here. They are available in PDF file format. These notes are quite helpful for both last-minute internal exam revision and board exam preparation. Take note of these notes, study for your exams, and review the Control and Coordination Class 10 Best Notes.

it notes class 10 pdf chapter 1

The greatest CBSE Class 10 Notes for review of all the core subjects, including Subject Specific Skills and Employability Skills, are available on our website. To get the best grades possible in their exams, students ought to review these notes.

NCERT information technology book for class 10 pdf download

The official NCERT website,, must be visited by students. Select the e-books option from the home page’s links section. Candidates will be required to select the format of the book they want—PDF, Flipbook, or ePub—on a new page that opens.

Crack my cbse notes class 10 it 402 pdf

We offer the greatest notes compared to other websites; we have all of the class 10 402 questions and answers included in our notes.

NCERT solutions for class 10 information technology code 402 pdf

Chapter-by-chapter NCERT solutions based on the upcoming class 10 test are available for download on our website.

Information Technology Class 10 Notes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Information Technology class 10?

Information technology (IT) is the management, processing, and storing of data using computers and software, along with the transmission and sharing of data over networks. The reason it is termed “information technology” is that it uses technology for information processing, transmission, and storage.

Is Information Technology hard in class 10?

The CBSE Class 10 Information Technology Syllabus is deemed reasonable by professionals and educators.

What is code 402 in CBSE class 10?

Information technology is the study of computers and how we use them in our daily lives. It means using a combination of hardware and software to carry out everyday tasks.

What is the practical marks for Information Technology class 10?

50 marks are allocated for this subject’s theoretical portion. The remaining fifty marks are for projects and practical work.

What is the passing marks for IT?

If students receive less than 33 percent of the possible points in any subject, they will be deemed to be failing. In order to pass a subject in both of their Class 10th exams, students must receive at least 33% of the possible points, according to the CBSE passing norms.

How to score full marks in all subjects class 10?

In order to do well in Class 10, concentrate on efficient time management, regular study sessions, and in-depth editing. Utilize tools such as textbooks and practice exams, ask questions when you need clarity, and keep a positive outlook on learning.

Is 90% good in class 10?

Actually, a 90% on the Class 10 CBSE boards is regarded as an excellent grade. A score of 90% or more on the CBSE board exams is typically regarded as exceptional accomplishment.

Is 90% good marks in class 10?

Yes, in the Class 10 CBSE examinations, a score of 90% is regarded as exceptionally high. Generally speaking, a score of 90% or more on the CBSE board exams indicates exceptional performance.

Which subject is the most scoring in Class 10?

In the CBSE Class X Board Exams, mathematics and computers are regarded as high-scoring subjects. Consequently, a greater number of pupils succeed in obtaining full marks in mathematics as opposed to other disciplines.

Which subject is hardest in Class 10?

The hardest subject is math, which is why many people find it frightening. Starting CBSE Class 10 Maths might be like to going on an exhilarating mountain ride because certain chapters pose steep obstacles while others are straightforward.

Which is the hardest subject?

The hardest subject is math, which is why many people are afraid of it. Taking on CBSE Class 10 Maths might be likened to going on an exhilarating mountain ride, as certain chapters offer formidable obstacles while others are very easy.

Which subject is very easy?

While some students may find math, physics, or foreign languages more approachable, others may find topics like English, history, or art to be easier.

Which syllabus is very tough?

The syllabus for ICSE is more complex than that of CBSE because it covers more ground and delves deeper into each area.

Is CBSE easier than ICSE?

With more topics covered and more in-depth information on each subject than CBSE, the ICSE syllabus is more challenging.

Why is CBSE so hard?

Many topics and ideas are included in the CBSE curriculum, including as physics, math, social sciences, languages, and the arts.

Is 10th easy than 9th?

The 9th grade presents new ideas and concepts, and the tenth grade gets students ready for board tests. But compared to 9th class, 10th class has a higher difficulty level. For this reason, in order for pupils to succeed academically, they must concentrate and study hard for their tenth-grade tests.

Is CBSE board strict?

For the CBSE 10th and 12th grades, it is regarded as rigorous. On the other hand, evaluators’ checks are allegedly more lax than those they conducted in their schools’ Class 9 and 11.

Are 10th boards very hard?

It’s possible for different boards to have varying difficulty levels, marking systems, and question formats. In conclusion, class 10 board examinations are a significant turning point in a student’s academic career, but they may also be difficult, particularly if proper study techniques and preparation are lacking.

Is 93 good in 10th boards?

It’s an excellent percentage because you can select any of the four streams without stress or disruption to your studies. Additionally, you have a highly positive reputation among your friends and family after receiving a 93%. And every relative will set an example for their kids by following yours.

Is board checking strict?

The board inspection process is strict. work hard to improve for your board examination.

Which board is easy to pass?

Since CBSE only uses the NCERT curriculum, it’s a good option if you’re looking for the easiest board in India. After Class 10, students can choose from a variety of Science, Commerce, and Humanities subjects offered by CBSE, in addition to English and additional languages.

Do information technology marks matter in class 10?

It depends on whether you are doing a vocational or elective course. FIT/Computer Application is typically offered as an elective. If you are unable to pass any of the five main courses, information technology counts as a vocational subject in addition to a main subject.

Are information technology marks added in class 10?

Yes, the CBSE class 10 finals will include computer-generated marks. The student’s mark sheet will display the grades they received in the computer course.

Is information technology a practical subject?

Actually in order to pass the Information Technology (code 402) practical exam, students must show up, according to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) norms.

What is the weightage of computer practical?

Information technology will receive 50 theoretical and 50 practical marks in the CBSE Class 10 Board exam.

Is practical exam easy?

If you and your teacher get along well, they are simple. If you attend school regularly, they are simple.

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