Green Skills Class 9 Questions and Answers

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Here we are going to discuss the Top 17 Subjective Questions and Answers from the subject. This Green Skills Subjective Questions and Answers is specially designed for students preparing for class 9 exams.

Green Skills Class 9 Questions and Answers

Session 1: Society and Environment

1. What are the different natural resources available?

Answer – Natural resources can be solid, liquid or gas. These resources can be organic, inorganic, metallic or non-metallic.

a. Land Resources – Agricultural, infrastructure development and residential land comes in land resources.

b. Forest Resources – Forest is important to human beings, Some of the resources of forest are timber resources, honey, horns, waxes and insecticides.

c. Water resources – Water covers about 75% of earth surface and is necessary for life. Water resources like – Rivers, oceans, lakes, and underground water.

d. Mineral Resources – Mineral reserves are reducing every year through mining activities. We have to reserve natural resources like petroleum, gas, copper, aluminum, water etc. Naturally mineral resources are in three categories: solid, liquid or gas.

e. Food Resources – Plants serve food for many organisms. resources that are used to make food are called food resources. Agriculture is the main source of food resources.

f. Energy Resources – Heat, Power life or producing electricity is an energy resource. There are four fundamental sources of energy.

  • Solar Energy
  • Gravity
  • Nuclear energy
  • Energy in the interior of the Earth

Green Skills Class 9 Questions and Answers

2. What are the different natural resources?

Answer – Different types of of natural resources are

a. Inexhaustible Resources – Inexhaustible resources cannot be finished by humans for example sun energy, wind power and water.

b. Exhaustible Resources – Exhaustible resources are those resources which are present in limited quantities. for example copper, coal, gold etc.

c. Renewable Resources – Renewable resources are constantly available and can be replenished. for example water, sunlight, wind etc.

d. Non-renewable Resources – That type of resource which is not replaced easily. examples minerals, fuels

Green Skills Class 9 Questions and Answers

3. How do human activities damage the earth and environment?

Answer – Let see some of the human activity damaging the earth and environment-

a. Over Exploitation – Our earth and environment exploitation has been increasing during recent years. Now we are exploiting species, wood, and minerals more than natural production .

This affects directly or indirectly to the earth and environment. example deforestation, Overfishing, removal of trees and wild medicinal plants and over hunting.

b. Mining – The extraction of rich minerals from the ground is known as mining. Mining has an impact on the soil and the ecosystem. Metals, minerals, and diamonds are some of the precious minerals mined from the earth.

c. Deforestation – Damaging the forest or cutting down trees is known as deforestation. Deforestation also affects the environment. For example, cutting down trees for agriculture, construction of houses.

d. Pollution – Pollution derived from the Latin word “polluere” meaning “to soil”. Pollution is the process of making water, land and air dirty and not safe or suitable to use.

Pollution affects plants, animals and humans, pollution increases due to human activity.

Green Skills Class 9 Questions and Answers

4. What is climate change?

Answer – Climate change means change in the environmental condition of the earth.

Human activities are the largest contribution of climate change and earth temperature by burning fossil fuels, Increasing livestock farming, Fertilizers containing nitrogen and cutting down trees.

5. How does harmful radiation affect climate change?

Answer – Ozone layer protects earth from harmful radiation from the sun, Ozone layer is made of a gas. Coolants in refrigerators, Air – conditioners and Cleaning chemicals directly affect the Ozone layer.

When ozone layer affects the harmful radiation comes to earth and increases health disorders.

Green Skills Class 9 Questions and Answers

6. What are natural disasters?

Answer – Natural disasters depend on climate change, when the climate change earthquakes, floods, storms, landslides etc. affect the earth.

To save the earth and environment we need to educate people about the environment, through the environment and for the environment.

7. How to save the environment?

Answer – There are three things people need to do to save the environment.

a. Reduce – If you manage waste management properly, if you reduce the use of unnecessary products or items, buy items with minimal packaging, avoid buying plastic bags or plastic products etc.

b. Reuse – Always try to reuse waste products in a different way or reprocessing. For example, making pillow covers you can use old shirts or old ladies suits.

c. Recycling – Reusing some components of the waste that may have some economic value. Paper, Metal, glass and plastics are recyclable. You can recycle the plastic, metal, glass, and paper products.

Green Skills Class 9 Questions and Answers

Session 2: Conserving Natural Resources

8. What is soil conservation?

Answer – Soil conservation means improving the soil fertility by adopting various methods.

  1. Maintain the soil using natural fertilizers, adding manure and liquid fertilizer make the soil fertility healthy.
  2. Grazing should be allowed only on the specified areas.
  3. Reforestation on the open space which can reduce soil erosion.
  4. Dividing the slope into several flat areas to control the rapid run of water.
9. What is water conservation?

Answer – Water is essential for everyone, we have to conserve water. This will happen only when we adopt the following methods.

Reforestation will help to hold water in the soil and help to formation of groundwater.
Rainwater harvesting should be used for storing rain water and recharging groundwater.
Dams and reservoirs can be used to supply water to the fields.
Sewage and Industrial wastes should be treated properly.

10. What is energy conservation?

Answer – Conservation of energy means saving the energy and using it efficiently. We use a lot of non-renewable energy resources for our needs. we have to save them –

  1. Use LED bulbs instead of using Tube light or normal bulbs.
  2. Switch of fans, TV, lights and other electrical appliances when it is not used.
  3. Using a pressure cooker to make food will save energy.
  4. Keep the bulb and tubes clean.

Green Skills Class 9 Questions and Answers

Session 3: Sustainable Development and Green Economy

11. What is sustainable development and what are the goals?

Answer – Sustainable development is the development which doesn’t compromise the capacity of the future generation to satisfy their needs.

In 1987 the first time sustainable development appeared in the Brundtland report. This was a warning to all countries regarding environmental consequences, globalization and economic growth.

Sustainable Development goals are also known as Global goals. There are 17 goals in sustainable development which were introduced in 2015.

There are total 17 Sustainable Development Goals are: :

  1. Zero Hunger
  2. No Poverty
  3. Good Health and Well-Being
  4. Quality Education
  5. Climate action
  6. Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
  7. Gender Equality
  8. Clean Water and Sanitation
  9. Affordable and clean energy
  10. Sustainable cities and communities
  11. Decent work and economic growth
  12. Reduce Inequalities
  13. Responsible consumption and production
  14. Life on land
  15. Life below water
  16. Partnerships for the goals
  17. Peace, Justice and strong institutions

Green Skills Class 9 Questions and Answers

12. What is Green growth?

Answer – Green growth is an approach for achieving economic growth that is socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable.

The Indian Government included Green growth in its vision, where ‘poverty eradication’ and green growth is the focus point of the green economy.

13. What is a green economy?

Answer – In 1989 The Government of the United Kingdom introduced the ‘Green Economy’. As per the UNEP definition the green economy one that results in reducing environmental risks, ecological scarcities, improved human well-being, ecological scarcities, and social equity.

14. What are the components of a Green Economy?

Answer – The Green Economy includes the following components.

  • Renewable Energy
  • Green Building
  • Waste Management
  • Water Management
  • Land Management
  • Well – Managed transportation

Green Skills Class 9 Questions and Answers

15. What do you mean by Green Skills?

Answer – The skills required for promoting the Green Economy are known as green skills (Green Skills Class 9). for example sewer water treatment, renewable energy, climate resilient cities, green construction, or solid waste management etc.

16. What are Green Jobs?

Answer – Many companies create jobs to decrease environmental issues due to factories or waste management.

This company required a person to preserve or restore the environment in the natural way that is Green Jobs.

17. What are the Green Projects?

Answer – To Save the environment, many organizations are taking initiatives. They are implementing Waste management, Energy conservation, Biofuel use, Green sanitation, Green Building etc.

Employability Skills Class 9 Questions and Answer

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