Top 17+ Artificial Intelligence Engineering Courses

Artificial Intelligence Engineering – If you’re considering a career in artificial intelligence, you’re making a smart choice. Artificial intelligence is a growing field that’s expected to be worth $300 billion by 2025. There are a lot of areas to choose from — from data science to machine learning to natural language processing — but artificial intelligence engineering is a great place to start. In this post, we’ll discuss which engineering cources are available for artificial intelligence(CBSESkilleducation).

Artificial Intelligence Engineering

BTech Artificial Intelligence

1. BTech in Computer Science in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

University Name – Sharda University

With a cutting-edge combination of machine learning, analytics, and visualization technologies, students will be able to construct intelligent machines, software, or applications. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have as their major goal the programming of computers to solve problems using example data or experience.

Many successful machine learning applications already exist, such as systems that analyze past sales data to predict customer behavior (financial management), recognize faces or spoken speech, optimize robot behavior to complete a task with minimal resources, and extract knowledge from bioinformatics data.

2. BTech Computer Science in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

University Name – Netaji Subhas University of Technology (NSUT) New Delhi

Computer Engineering, now Computer Science and Engineering, has been dedicated to providing a supportive, welcoming, and demanding environment for teaching, learning, and research since 1984.

Our education model focuses on providing breadth and depth of knowledge in a variety of computing disciplines such as computer architecture, databases, networks, embedded systems, real-time systems, software engineering, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence throughout our Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. programmes.

3. BTech CSE in Artificial Intelligence

University Name – Dr. MGR Educational & Research Institute

Dr.MGR Educational and Research Institute is a well-known institution that has been awarded a ‘A’ grade by NAAC and has been reviewed and recommended by statutory bodies such as AICTE, DCI, MCI, NABH, INC, PCI, NCTE, BCI, and TUV SUD South Asia Private Limited. It is also certified with ISO 21001:2018 by TUV SUD South Asia Private Limited.

The institute is a Deemed to be University that offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programmes in a variety of fields.

4. BTech CSE in Artificial Intelligence

University Name – Parul University

We go on to ensure that you get the most dynamic exposure by providing you with the most insightful, skill-enhancing, and enlightening academic trip. Over 110 experts from major NITs and IITs are among our 2,000 highly qualified faculty members who give you with an enlightening and personalised learning experience.

Beyond your academics, our strategic industrial ties, together with our unique approach to career development, ensure that you will have the most lucrative placement prospects upon graduation. Make your decision, and go with PU.

5. BTech CSE in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

University Name – Jain University

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) will prepare you for the emerging and exponential technologies of Industry 4.0. The programme is industry-integrated with Futurense Technologies Industry 4.0 Machine Learning certifications and is provided through project-based learning, leading to internships and employment opportunities with MNCs and startups in India and overseas.

The science of getting computers to learn and respond without being explicitly programmed is known as machine learning. It’s one of Industry 4.0’s most fascinating technologies, as it brings computers closer to humans in terms of their “capacity to learn,” and it’s often regarded as the most promising path to human-level AI (Artificial Intelligence).

6. BTech CSE in Artificial Intelligence

University Name – Medi-Caps University

The Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering (CSE-AI) programme prepares students for careers in Artificial Intelligence (AI). This technology is becoming more and more pervasive in our daily lives. Machine learning, probabilistic reasoning, robotics, computer vision, and natural language processing are just a few of the topics covered in this course.

BSc Artificial Intelligence

1. BSc Computer Science with specialization in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

University Name – Karnavati University

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two hot core fields that are rapidly emerging in today’s fast-changing world and fuelling the next industrial revolution. Without hurting humanity, the global workforce has altered the way business is conducted.

According to one software company, roughly 75 million traditional employment may be lost, while 130 million new jobs will be created as a result of the AI and machine learning revolution. It is anticipated that by 2025, 30 percent of jobs will be unfilled due to a shortage of needed skills.

2. BSc Artificial Intelligence

University Name – University of Edinburgh

Applied Artificial Intelligence tools are becoming more prevalent in our daily lives, and this trend will continue for many years.

When talking to chatbots, many of us use them without even realising it, and for many, interactions with personal digital assistants like Alexa or Siri have become second nature. But Applied AI is so much more; it’s the key to ground-breaking technologies like self-driving cars, which are predicted to profoundly transform our lives.

Your skills in speech and image processing, machine learning, robotics, UI/UX, and software development will make you a good candidate for roles at numerous international tech companies once you’ve obtained it.

3. BSc Artificial Intelligence

University Name – University of Groningen

You will study existing intelligence as we see it in the world and design ‘intelligent’ and user-friendly products as part of the international Bachelor’s degree programme in Artificial Intelligence.

This international master’s programme focuses on human cognition, artificial cognition (computers, robots), and social system behaviour (e.g. group behaviour). In order to forecast or replicate intelligent behaviour, you will investigate the fundamental processes.

4. BSc Data Science, AI & Digital Business

University Name – GISMA University of AppliedScience

Discover the intriguing world of AI by becoming a data science specialist by mastering analytics, visualisation, and data governance. This programme also includes general business skills, which will help you get work.

Studying at GISMA Business School’s Berlin-Potsdam campus, where multinational firms such as SAP are located, will provide you with a very international environment. You’ll also have the option to study abroad for a semester in one of the world’s premier technology hubs, such as London, Shanghai, or Singapore.

You can combine this with an internship or a business project to ensure that you’re ready to start your career right after graduation.

GISMA Business School has granted this programme.

5. BSc in AI & Machine Learning

University Name – European Leadership University

Earn a bachelor’s degree in elite machine learning engineering with 180 ECTS by:

  1. Learning can be facilitated through live interactive workshops.
  2. Peer reviews and action learning provide individual and group support.
  3. Mentorship from industry experts
  4. Interactive material and a large digital library
  5. Building a portfolio to get you ready for a job

Master Artificial Intelligence

1. MSc Computing (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)

College Name – Imperial College London

This advanced course focuses on artificial intelligence, knowledge engineering, and the construction of computational and engineering models of complex cognitive and social behaviour.

This taught postgraduate course is designed for students who have studied a significant amount of computing but have not studied it exclusively.

This course will provide a first critical step toward becoming a specialist in a specific field of computing if you wish to do so.

Cognitive robotics, complexity, complex systems, computational finance, computer networks, and distributed systems are all topics of research. We also have specialisations in the following areas:

  1. Computational Management
  2. Security and Reliability
  3. Software Engineering
  4. Visual Computing and Robotics

2. Master’s programme in Artificial Intelligence

University Name – University of Amsterdam

This two-day Artificial Intelligence programme is meant to give you a comprehensive understanding of AI. You’ll be guided and encouraged to find and seize AI potential while avoiding dangers like as contaminated or skewed data, unwanted differentiation, and faulty algorithmic learning methodologies.

We use real data and machine learning techniques to apply AI applications so you can see what it’s like to build and run AI models. You’ll have a better understanding of the process and how to ask challenging questions about the outcome and quality.

This AI course is jam-packed with industry knowledge, terminology, and hands-on problems. It was created by AI professionals with years of expertise teaching and implementing AI in many of the world’s top 500 firms.

3. Master in Computer Science – Cybersecurity, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

University Name – MIA Digital University
Monash Institution is a modern, global, research-focused university that is proud to deliver academic excellence in Australia and across the Indo-Pacific region through its foreign campuses and online learning choices. It is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world.

Visit to discover more about studying at one of our Australian campuses.

4. Master Computer Science (MSc)

University Name – IU International University of Applied Science

Congratulations if you’ve already completed your Bachelor’s degree in IT or a similar field. You’ve selected a field that is rapidly developing, has its finger on the pulse, and is setting the pace for the future digital society. You can continue on this path with our Master of Computer Science, focusing on Data Science, Cyber Security, and Artificial Intelligence.

Because there is such a high demand for specialists, you can work in practically any business. Your online Master of Computer Science will equip you with the knowledge and abilities you’ll need to succeed on the global job market.

5. Master in Automated Science

University Name – Carnegie Mellon University – School of Computer Science

Computers are transforming the planet, as well as our own lives. We’ve been saying it for decades, and we’ll continue to say it since computing technology advances at a breakneck pace.

You probably have a supercomputer in your pocket right now, which would have been dubbed a supercomputer a few decades ago.

The Master of Computer Science will provide you with a broad base of high-level knowledge and specialist skills in at least one area of knowledge systems, programming languages and distributed computing, information systems, mathematics/statistics, spatial information science, or linguistics, allowing you to keep up with these advances.

6. MSc in Artificial Intelligence

University Name – University of Groningen

Computational Intelligence, Robotics, and Multi-Agent Systems are the main topics of the Master’s programme Artificial Intelligence.

7. MSc Data Science, AI & Digital Business

University Name – GISMA University of Applied Science

Choose from a variety of master’s degrees in business, marketing, human resource management, finance, data science, or a top MBA programme. For 2022 admissions, many of our programmes will be available online.

GISMA collaborates with prestigious European business institutions like The University of Law and Kingston University.

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