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Green Skills Class 10

Session 1: Sustainable Development

1. What is Sustainable Development?

Answer – Sustainable development is the development that satisfies the needs of the present without compromising the capacity of future generations, guaranteeing the balance between economic growth, care for the environment and social well-being.

2. Importance of Sustainable Development.

Answer – Sustainability enhances our quality of life while also protecting our ecosystem and natural resources for future generations.

The world’s young generations would face major environmental issues, worse than even those we are already facing.

The consumption of products is increasing day by day as the population and income rise. As a result, there has been a growth in the production and use of natural resources, which are required for the creation of goods.

Society must thus change its development strategy to a new form where development will not destroy the environment.

3. Problems Related to Sustainable Development?

Answer – There are three major problem related to sustainable Development –

a. Food – As we use more and more land for other uses, the amount of rich, fertile soil required to grow crops such as wheat, rice, and other grains. Chemical fertilisers are reducing soil nutrients and contaminating the soil with a variety of pollutants.

b. Water – We use fresh water from rivers and ponds for drinking and cleaning but dump garbage into them. Rivers and ponds are becoming more contaminated. This way after several years, we will have no clean water for our use.

c. Fuel – We use a lot of wood from trees for fuel, as well as for building homes and furniture. The climate of the area is being affected as more trees are cut down. Floods, extreme cold or heat, and other extreme weather events are common in many regions, affecting the people who live there.

4. What steps do we have to take for sustainable development?

Answer – Sustainable development includes –

  • Excessive resource consumption is being reduced, and resource conservation is being improved.
  • Recycling and reuse of waste materials.
  • Management of renewable resources, particularly bio-resources, in a scientific manner.
  • Planting more trees;
  • Green grassy patches and trees to be interspersed between concrete buildings.
  • Using more environment friendly material or biodegradable material
  • Environmentally friendly technologies that are based on resource efficiency are used.

Green Skills Class 10 Solutions

5. What are different sustainable development goals?

Answer – Sustainable development is the development which doesn’t compromise the capacity of the future generation to satisfy their needs.

In 1987 the first time sustainable development appeared in the Brundtland report. This was a warning to all countries regarding environmental consequences, globalization and economic growth.

Sustainable Development goals are also known as Global goals. There are 17 goals in sustainable development which were introduced in 2015.

There are total 17 Sustainable Development Goals are: :
1. Zero Hunger
2. No Poverty
3. Good Health and Well-Being
4. Quality Education
5. Climate action
6. Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
7. Gender Equality
8. Clean Water and Sanitation
9. Affordable and clean energy
10. Sustainable cities and communities
11. Decent work and economic growth
12. Reduce Inequalities
13. Responsible consumption and production
14. Life on land
15. Life below water
16. Partnerships for the goals
17. Peace, Justice and strong institutions

6. Sustainable Development Initiatives taken from the public in India.

Answer – Many people have taken initiatives regarding sustainable development.


a. When plastics were banned in Mangalore, one entrepreneur, Mr. Vasth Hedge, created a biodegradable bag that can dissolve in hot water and degrade in the natural environment.

b. Narayana Peesapath created edible cutlery out of a grain; these spoons can be eaten and even if they are not eaten they will easily decompose in the soil.

7. What are Sustainable Processes?

Answer – Farmers who practice organic farming do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers to boost their yield. To aid in the growth of crops, they use organic and natural fertilizers such as cow dung.

This contributes to higher-quality, chemical-free crops while also preserving the soil’s quality for future usage.

Session 2: Our Role in Sustainable Development

8. What is the role towards Sustainable Development?

Answer – The importance of Sustainable Development in finding solutions to the world’s growing problems. Countries should establish laws and guidelines to eliminate poverty and hunger, as well as to provide decent health and education.

Some of the important Sustainable Development goals are –

a. Quality Education

b. Clean Water and Sanitation

c. Affordable and Clean Energy

d. Decent Work and Economic Growth

e. Reduced Inequalities

f. Sustainable Cities and Communities

g. Responsible Consumers and producers

h. Protect life below water

i. Protect Life on Land

Employability Skills Class 10 Questions and Answers

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