Self Management Skills Class 10 Questions and Answers

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Self Management Skills Class 10

Session 1: Stress Management

1. To become successful in life, which basic self – management skills do you require?

Answer – To become successful in life, we have follow following basic skills –

a. Self-awareness: Request honest feedback. Get a better understanding of your personality and work-related skills. Consider how you handled issues in your regular contacts and how you may have handled them better.

b. Responsibility: Taking responsibility is very important. Accepting ownership is the step towards self – development, For example, If you’ve been given an assignment by a teacher, ensure you take complete ownership.

Even if you are unable to accomplish the assignment on time, you must notify it and then make the necessary adjustments.

c. Time Management: Make a list of the tasks you need to get done. Make a schedule for yourself and stick to it.

d. Adaptability: Always stay up to date on best practices and fresh information. Prepare yourself for new adjustments so you can make a smooth transition.

Self Management Skills Class 10 Questions and Answers

2. What is Stress?

Answer – Our emotional, mental, physical, and social responses to perceived demands or threats are referred to as stress. Stressors are the pressures or threats that people face.

For example –

a. You’re only a few days away from your examinations, yet you’re feeling unprepared.

b. you are experiencing a loss of someone close in the family.

c. You’re concerned about what others will think of you if you don’t dress properly or speak confidently.

d. you are stressed due to lack of sleep.

Self Management Skills Class 10 Questions and Answers

3. What are the three steps to manage Stress?

Answer – The three steps to manage stress are –

a. Be aware that you are stressed – Look for stress symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, melancholy, excessive worrying, anxiousness, and so on. We can manage stress if we are aware of it.

b. Identify What is causing you stress – Find out the reason for your stress. Is it because of exams, family pressures, money issues, not eating good food, etc.?

c. Apply stress management methods – To effectively manage your time, use time management tools. Concentrate on the most important things and complete them.

Talk to a friend or family member about the problem. Take time to recharge by exercising, watching movies, or doing anything else that makes you feel good.

4. What are the different stress management techniques?

Answer – Some of the stress management techniques are –

a. Time management
b. Organizing academic life, no delaying
c. Healthy diet
d. Positivity in your life
e. Physical exercise and fresh air
f. Proper sleep
g. Holidays with family and friends

Self Management Skills Class 10 Questions and Answers

5. What is emotional Intelligence in Self – Management skills?

Answer – The ability to recognize and regulate one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others, is referred to as emotional intelligence.

a. Emotional Awareness – The ability to recognize and name one’s own feelings is known as emotional awareness.

b. Harnessing Emotions – The ability to harness and apply emotions to tasks such as thinking and problem solving is referred to as “harnessing emotions.”.

c. Managing Emotions – Managing Emotions entails the ability to control one’s own emotions when appropriate, as well as helping others in doing the same.

6. How to manage emotional intelligence?

Answer – To manage emotional intelligence you have to follow below steps.

a. Understand your emotions – Analyze your behavior and make a list of the areas where you need to improve. Then you can focus on the areas where you need to grow.

b. Rationalize – Don’t make quick judgments; instead, view logically through.

c. Practice – Keep yourself calm by doing meditation and yoga.

Self Management Skills Class 10 Questions and Answers

Session 2: Self Awareness – Strength and Weakness Analysis

7. How can you identify your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Answer – The techniques for identifying our strengths and weaknesses are –

Finding Strengths

  • Think of anything that you are always successful at.
  • Think about what others like in you.
  • Take out time and think about what you do well

Finding Weaknesses

  • Point out the areas where you struggle and the things you find difficult to do.
  • Look at the feedback others usually give you.
  • Be open to feedback and accept your weaknesses without feeling low about it.

Self Management Skills Class 10 Questions and Answers

Session 3: Self – Motivation

8. Types of Motivation?

Answer – there are two types of motivation

a. Internal Motivation – Many things we do which make us happy, feel good and healthy.

b. External Motivation – If you are working for recognition, respect and appreciation.

Self Management Skills Class 10 Questions and Answers

9. What are the qualities of Self – motivated people?

Answer – The qualities of Self – motivated people are –

  • Know what they want from life
  • Are focused
  • Know what is important
  • Are dedicated to fulfill their dreams

10. How to build Self – Motivation?

Answer – There are four steps to build self – motivation.

  • Find out your strength
  • Set and focus on your goals
  • Develop a plan to achieve your goals
  • Stay loyal to your goals

Session 4: Self regulation – Goal Setting

11. How to Set Goals in Self Management Skills?

Answer – We can use different techniques to set goals.

a. Specific – Always set your clear and specific goals.

b. Measurable – A measurable goal answers the questions “How much?”, “How many?” and “How do I know that I have achieved results?”

c. Achievable – Breaking down big goals into smaller parts will make the goal achievable.

d. Realistic – A realistic goal would be something that we want to achieve and can work towards.

e. Time bound – A goal should have a timeframe by when the goal needs to be achieved.

Self Management Skills Class 10 Questions and Answers

Session 5: Self regulation – Time management

12. What are the benefits of time management?

Answer – Time management is the thinking skill that helps you to –

a. Complete tasks on time
b. Submit homework and assignments on time
c. You can identify how long it will take you to do something.

Self Management Skills Class 10 Questions and Answers

13. What are the four steps for effective time management?

Answer – The four steps for time management are –

a. Organize – We make plans for our day-to-day activity.

b. Prioritize – We build a to-do list with all of our activities on it, and we organize them in order of importance.

c. Control – We have a control over our activities and time

d. Track – We keep track of where we’ve spent our time.

14. How can I improve my time management?

Answer –
a. Any planned action should not be delayed or postponed.

b. Organize your room and desk at school.

c. Create a “NO DISTURBANCE ZONE” where you may sit and finish important tasks without being disturbed.

d. Use waiting time productivity

e. Prepare a “To-do” list

f. Priorities

g. Replace ineffective activities with productive ones.

Employability Skills Class 10 Questions and Answers

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