Information Technology 802 Class 11 MCQ

Information Technology 802 Class 11 MCQ – Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are a common form of assessment in computer science education and are often used in IT 802 Class 11 exams. MCQs typically consist of a question or statement and a set of possible answers, of which the student must choose the correct one. MCQs are an effective way to test a student’s understanding of a particular concept or topic, as well as their ability to apply their knowledge in a practical context. This all MCQs Questions and Answers are taken from NCERT Textbook.

Information Technology 802 Class 11 MCQ

Employability Skills MCQs

Unit 1 : Communication Skills-III
Unit 2 : Self-Management Skills-III
Unit 3 : ICT Skills-III
Unit 4 : Entrepreneurial Skills-III
Unit 5 : Green Skills-III

Subject Specific Skills MCQs

Unit -1 : Computer Organization
Unit -2 : Networking And Internet
Unit-3 : Office Automation Tools
Unit-4: RDBMS
Unit-5: Fundamentals of Java

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