IT 802 Class 11 NCERT Solutions

IT 802 Class 11 NCERT Solutions – The NCERT solutions for IT 802 Class 11 are an important resource for students who are preparing for exams or who need additional help with the material covered in the textbook. They can also be useful for teachers who are looking for additional teaching resources. By working through the NCERT solutions, students can improve their understanding of the subject matter, as well as their ability to apply their knowledge in a practical context.

IT 802 Class 11 NCERT Solutions

Employability Skills QA

Unit 1 : Communication Skills-III
Unit 2 : Self-Management Skills-III
Unit 3 : ICT Skills-III
Unit 4 : Entrepreneurial Skills-III
Unit 5 : Green Skills-III

Subject Specific Skills QA

Unit -1 : Computer Organization
Unit -2 : Networking And Internet
Unit-3 : Office Automation Tools
Unit-4: RDBMS
Unit-5: Fundamentals of Java

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