NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Computer Science Chapter 1

Teachers and Examiners (CBSESkillEduction) collaborated to create the NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Computer Science Chapter 1. All the important Information are taken from the NCERT Textbook Computer Science (083) class 11.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Computer Science Chapter 1

Computer System

1. Name the software required to make a computer functional. Write down its two primary services.
Answer – The software which is required to make a computer functional is Operating System.
There are two main OS services:
a. The operating system manage the computer’s resources, including the CPU, RAM, disc drives, etc.
b. Operating System work as an interface between computer and user.

2. How does the computer understand a program written in high level language?
Answer – High-level language code is not understood by computers; only machine code is only understood by computer. Any code written in a high-level programming language must be translated into executable code. Machine code, which consists of binary code 1s and 0s, is another name for executable code.

3. Why is the execution time of the machine code less than that of source code?
Answer – We are aware that machine language is a language that computers can understand directly. But source codes are written in high-level languages and compute does not understand the source code, So, the translator have to transform them to machine language. Therefore, machine language executes faster than source code.

4. What is the need of RAM? How does it differ from ROM?
Answer – The data that the CPU needs to process the current set of instructions is kept in RAM. The information needed to boot up the computer is store this information in ROM. RAM operates at a fast rate. Speed in ROM is lower than in RAM.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Computer Science Chapter 1

5. What is the need for secondary memory?
Answer – For long-term storage of programmes and data secondary storage is required. Secondary storage device is a Non-volatile memory and it can store data for a long-term.

6. How do different components of the computer communicate with each other?
Answer – With the help of System Bus computer components with each other. System Bus having three part Control Bus, Address Bus and Data Bus. Data bus is used to transfer data between different components, Address bus is use to transfer addresses between CPU and main memory and Control bus to communicate control signals between different components of a computer.

7. Draw the block diagram of a computer system. Briefly write about the functionality of each component.
Answer – The computer system consists of three parts, Central processing unit, Input device and output device. The central processing unit is also divided into two parts arithmetic logic unit and control unit. The Block diagram of computer system is –

components of a computer system

8. What is the primary role of system bus? Why is data bus is bidirectional while address bus is unidirectional?
Answer – Data is transferred between computer system and components using a data bus. Microprocessors have the ability to read and write data from the memory. Therefore, the data bus helps the microprocessor in bidirectional form to read and write the data.

9. Differentiate between proprietary software and freeware software. Name two software for each type.
Answer – Both Proprietary software and Freeware software can be distributed free to the user without any cost. The difference between the proprietary software and freeware software are, Proprietary software source codes are not publicly available and user are not allow to make the changes in the software but in the Freeware software source code is available and user can make the changes as per the user requirement.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Computer Science Chapter 1

10. Write the main difference between microcontroller Notes and microprocessor. Why do smart home appliances have a microcontroller instead of microprocessor embedded in them?
Answer – While a microprocessor only has a single central processing unit, a micro controller has a CPU, memory, and I/O all built into a single chip. While a microcontroller is useful in embedded systems, a microprocessor is beneficial in personal computers.

Microcontrollers already have a CPU, RAM, ROM, and other components, we don’t need any external peripherals for them. Therefore, a microcontroller can fit in less space. Because of this, microcontrollers are used in smart home appliances.

11. Mention the different types of data that you deal with while browsing the Internet.
Answer – While using the internet, we interact with a variety of data including
a. Structured data.
b. Unstructured data.
c. Semi-structured data.

12. Categories the following data as structured, semi structured and unstructured:
a. Newspaper
b. Cricket Match Score
c. HTML Page
d. Patient records in a hospital
Answer –
a. Newspaper – Unstructured data
b. Cricket Match Score – Semi-structured data
c. HTML Page – Semi-structured data
d. Patient records in a hospital – Structured data

13. Name the input or output device used to do the following:
a) To output audio
b) To enter textual data
c) To make hard copy of a text file
d) To display the data or information
e) To enter audio-based command
f) To build 3D models
g) To assist a visually-impaired individual in entering data
Answer –
a) To output audio – Speaker
b) To enter textual data – Keyboard
c) To make hard copy of a text file – Printer
d) To display the data or information – Monitor
e) To enter audio-based command – Microphone
f) To build 3D models – 3D Printer
g) To assist a visually-impaired individual in entering data – Braille keyboards

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Computer Science Chapter 1

14. Identify the category (system, application, programming tool) of the following software:
a) Compiler
b) Assembler
c) Ubuntu
d) Text editor
Answer –
a) Compiler – Programming tool
b) Assembler – Programming tool
c) Ubuntu – System
d) Text editor – Application

15. What is System Bus?
Answer – Data is transmitted between all components using computer system bus. Computer bus links the computer’s processor with the Input/Output deivce, RAM, Hard drive, and other part of the system.

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