Self Management Skills Class 11 Notes

Teachers and Examiners (CBSESkillEduction) collaborated to create the Self Management Skills Class 11 Notes. All the important Information are taken from the NCERT Textbook Employability Skills as per the board pattern.

Self Management Skills Class 11 Notes

self management skills class 11 notes
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The basic and important aspect of self – management is physical appearance, grooming, mannerisms and etiquettes of a person. This creates first image in the mind of people about others.

Impressive Appearance and Grooming

Impressive appearance and well-groomed behaviour reflect our preparedness to handle the world around us. God has blessed us with this beautiful life and our body. It is our utmost responsibility to respect the almighty by keeping and presenting our body in best of shape. It all starts with oneself.

Importance of dressing appropriately, looking decent and positive body language

Dressing appropriately, looking decent and positive body language all create a positive first impression.

Following points highlight the importance of dressing appropriately, looking decent and positive body language. 

  • Promotes self-respect 
  • Boosts self-confidence 
  • It’s a step to overall improvement 
  • It shows your attention to detail 
  • Every expression leaves an impression 
  • Your attire speaks before your words 
  • Draws the right kind of attention and sends the right message

Self Management Skills Class 11 Notes

Personal grooming checklist

We have already seen the importance of well-groomed individuals. Following is the personal grooming checklist that you should strictly follow. 

  • Maintaining health by seeing a doctor when necessary. 
  • Maintaining health by eating well-balanced diet. 
  • Maintaining health by using good posture. 
  • Bathing or shower every day. 
  • Shampooing the hair regularly. 
  • Styling hair in a neat (away from my face and off my collar) manner. 
  • Brushing teeth regularly (at least twice daily). 
  • Trimming fingernails and keeping them clean. 
  • Wearing properly fitted clothes. 
  • Donning clean and ironed clothes. 
  • Changing socks and stockings daily to reduce foot odour. 
  • Avoiding wearing jewelry or perfume with uniform.

Self Management Skills Class 11 Notes

Self-Exploration Techniques

Self-exploration helps develop a clear understanding of self-interests, attitudes, skills, wants and needs, which guide you to choose your profession for life. 

Following approaches may help people self explore.

Learning – Formal / Informal/ Self-directed learning leads to acquiring some skills. Out of the learnt skills some skills may be preferred skills, and may guide us shape our career.

Career Counsellor / computerized career information systems – Career counsellor and career information systems can help one with information on courses and the outcome of the courses.

Self-reflection/ Inquiry – This is a thoughtful process where people discover themselves through reflection on past experiences and patterns of their own behaviour. 

Feedback – Peers, family and mentors provide us with genuine feedback which help us identify our hidden talents and strengths. 

Self Management Skills Class 11 Notes

Team Work Skills

Team refers to a group of people who have complementary skills and work towards a common goal. . Teams result in higher productivity. Teams are very useful in performing work that is complicated, complex, interrelated, and /or more voluminous than one person can handle. 

Important factors that influence team building

Work Team Structure – It includes goals and objectives, operating guidelines, performance measures, and role specification.

Work Team Process – Work team competitiveness and cooperative behaviour need to be considered while building a team. 

Diversity – Diversity influences team building as well as effectiveness. Diversity shall be ensured in gender, background and competencies. Diverse team also ensures creativity.

Self Management Skills Class 11 Notes

Factors influencing team work 

Following factors may influence team work.

Team norms – Team norms is the standards or rules that govern the performance of the group members. These rules can be written or unwritten.

Team cohesion – Bonding between the group members will come easily and together they contribute to the larger goal.

Social loafing – Social loafing or free riding occurs when one or more group members rely on the efforts of other group members and fail to contribute their time and effort. Identifying individual contribution can help nullify the effect of free riding.

Loss of individuality – It is a social process in which individual group members lose self-awareness and its accompanying sense of accountability, inhibition and responsibility for individual behaviour. 

Self Management Skills Class 11 Notes

Time Management Strategies and Techniques

Time management is the process of planning and exercising control of time spent on various activities to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Following are the set of activities we need to take up for time management

Setting and prioritizing goals – We have option to steer our life or to let it run on its own. If we take charge of our life and our goals, we will be able to lead a meaningful life. For leading a successful life, we should create our targets and aims.

Creating a schedule – Creating a schedule instills discipline and punctuality and ensure efficient utilization of our time.

Making lists of tasks – This should be our first to-do thing every morning. List of tasks shall be prioritized for making our day worthwhile.

Balancing work and leisure – Work is important and equally important is leisure activity to help us unwind and recharge for the important tasks.

Breaking large tasks into smaller tasks – We should break large tasks into smaller ones. Smaller tasks can be finished in lesser time. When we will finish few small tasks, we feel motivated to complete others too.

Employability Skills Class 11 Notes

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