Self Management Skills Class 9 Notes

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Self Management Skills Class 9 Notes

self management skills class 9 notes
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Self-management refers to the capacity to control your workload and productivity in the workplace independently. You may enhance your productivity at work and advance your career by learning and using self-management techniques.

Self-management is the act of managing oneself; it also refers to accepting accountability for one’s own actions and well-being. It also entails controlling your interactions with the people and things in your environment.

The reasons behind promotion of self-management are as follows:

  1. When facing challenges or challenging circumstances in life, we do not want the individual to be dependant on anybody else.
  2. Self-management gives people the self-assurance they need to manage their lives and find solutions to their own difficulties.
  3. Self-management offers a sustainable, long-term method of managing one’s personal life.

Self Management Skills Class 9 Notes

Positive Results of Self-Management

Various situations in life are comfortable by taking the following benefits from self-management…

It guides individuals to self-monitor their conduct and behavior

Students, once become aware that they are responsible for their behavior, they become proactive.

  1. Prepares individual to complete the task independently.
  2. Instills ownership to the task and the consequences amongst individuals.

It helps in self-evaluation

Self-management helps people understand that if they don’t achieve their goals, they must change their course on their own. When the expected results are accomplished, it also inspires people.

  1. Helps in setting individual goals
  2. Directs evaluation of performance, objective resetting and enhances self-esteem.

It leads to self – reinforcement of positive behavior

Self-management encourages students to act appropriately given the situation. It encourages people to do the right thing and prevents them from engaging in bad behavior while keeping the long-term effects in mind.

  1. Promotes self-learning to achieve goals
  2. Self-confidence is increased, which supports the habit.

Self Management Skills Class 9 Notes

Self-Management Skills

Self Confidence

It means believing in one’s potential and ability to meet life’s requirements for goals, objectives, and difficulties and that one is deserving of living a happy life.

  • Taking on a new endeavor, like starting a blog, can help you feel more confident.

Stress Management

It is a condition of emotional tension and discomfort brought on by unexpected, demanding, and confusing situations.

  • Finishing your schoolwork on time will allow you more free time to enjoy without the burden of homework dragging you down.

Independent Working

This typically means is when an individual is assigned a task(s), he/she takes ownership and doesn’t require constant assistance or supervision to complete that task(s).

  • Studying independently for a test, a competition, or learning something new will help you become more self-reliant.

Team Player

A person who conforms well with norms of a team and contributes to the attainment of the common goals in an efficient and effective way is called as a team player.

  • You can improve your teamwork abilities and learn from others while working on a group project.

Time Management

To maximize productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness, it is a purposeful effort to priorities tasks according to the available time.

  • You should schedule time for relaxing activities and exercise while you’re studying. You’ll have more positive energy if you manage your time well for each of them.

Personality management

A positive personality includes elements like general cleanliness, grooming, suitable attire, and effective verbal and nonverbal communication.

  • Making a good first impression at school, a friend’s house, or on the playground involves dressing appropriately.

Self Management Skills Class 9 Notes


Factors that help in building self confidence –


People’s self-confidence is influenced by their interactions with their family and  community, social environment including friends, relatives, teachers, and the media.


Cultural factors comprise of values, beliefs and customs. Indians give higher importance to family values, believe in the philosophy of “Vasudhev Kutumbhkam” and follow custom of celebrating Diwali.


Individuals’ self-confidence is considered to be affected by physical self-efficacy, physical activity, and social physique anxiety. Self-confidence has been proven to be directly correlated with physical activity.

Self Management Skills Class 9 Notes

Self-Confidence Building Tips

Getting rid of negative thoughts

People get closer to having a calm, positive mind by putting their negative ideas to rest. People must engage in an activity to divert their attention from unpleasant thoughts, such as walking, drawing, singing, dancing, chatting, watching, reading, or talking.

Thinking positively

Positive thinking makes the brain more calm and boosts output and performance. People feel happier when they begin to think positively, and their confidence increases.

Staying happy with small things

A person who is overjoyed with thanks for each and every small favor in his life feels arrogant. Being grateful to others and to the world gives people confidence.

Staying clean, hygienic and smart

A confident individual must first practice good personal hygiene. Being at your best may be achieved easily and effectively by maintaining clean, healthy hair, teeth, fingers, body, and skin.

Chatting with positive people

Interacting with positive people brings forth a fresh and progressive perspective to life. People in similar stages of life go through similar issues. Some positively handle these situations, and interacting with them shall help boost confidence.

Employability Skills Class 9 Notes

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