Green Skills Class 9 Notes

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Green Skills Class 9 Notes

green skills class 9 notes
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We cannot imagine our lives without the environment around us. Everything that surrounds us comprises Environment – Living beings, flora and fauna, non-living things, the vegetation, climate,
natural resources.

Green Skills Class 9 Notes

Relationship Between Society and Environment

The society constitutes of group of people living together in a community, a village, a city, a town, a states or a country. It is these group of people with their own set of ideologies and beliefs that affects the environment. If a group of people believe that rivers are sacred, then all people belonging to that group will resonate the practices that support their belief.

If a group of people believe that killing of animals is a heinous crime, the people in that community will reflect it in their behavior shaping their relationship. But, if a group of people is greedy and is concerned to accumulate wealth, their actions will echo their mind-set and will have adverse effect on the environment.

Green Skills Class 9 Notes

Ecosystem and Factors Causing Imbalance

When an ecosystem’s natural balance is disturbed by a natural or artificial disturbance, ecological complications that may arise. Ecological imbalance is directly related to human activity.

Following are the man-made disruption that causes ecological imbalance:

Deforestation – Due to increase in population the need for building houses has emerged. To overcome this challenge more and more houses are built in hilly regions due to which trees are cut. Also, in order to maintain the life style a lot of forests have been cut. Due to shifting climatic circumstances, many species of birds and other creatures are in danger of going extinct.

Degradation of Land and Soil Erosion – Deforestation has also given rise to problems like soil erosion and degrading quality of land. The poor quality of land and soil is resulting in rising health concerns for human beings. It is also leading to problems for herbivorous animals causing concerns of their extinction.

Overexploitation of Resources – To satisfy our needs, we are not only using the resources available to us but we are exploiting them as well. We are great tons of waste due to over usage of resources making it difficult for our ownselves to breathe fresh air. The overexploitation of resources is also one of the factors adding to degradation of land in urban cities.

Industrial and Atmospheric Pollution – The rising number of industries is one of the major concerns these days. The pollution caused by these industries and factories is not limited to air. The presence of the industries near the rivers to dispose the waste is causing water pollution.

factors causing imbalance in ecosystem
Green Skills Class 9 Notes

Faulty Mining Practices – Large-scale mining has led to the conversion of forests and agricultural areas into stockyards, roadways, and other infrastructure. Additionally, mining dust is deteriorating. factors affecting the ecosystem disrupt the balance of the air around us. Land degradation is a result of improper disposal of mining waste. Poor mining techniques have a serious impact on human health.

Green Skills Class 9 Notes

Natural Resource Conservation

Air, Water, Land, and Energy are the four main categories of natural resources. Conservation of these resources is the top priority in the current climate, when pollution levels have increased to the point of posing health risks.

Air Conservation – The conservation of air is the protection and cleaning of the earth’s air supply. Air pollution can be caused by any number of sources, including transportation, power plants, and factories. This pollution can cause a number of health problems, so it is important to practice air conservation when possible.

Water Conservation – Scarcity of Water has caused International agencies to act immediately.
Wisely using the water is need of the hour. Adopting Rain Water Harvesting Systems in our
communities and waste water treatment plants shall contribute in conserving water for future

Land Conservation – : Conserving land means to act at two levels. First, promoting afforestation
and discouraging deforestation for material benefit. This will help promote other life forms to survive
and help to maintain balance in the eco system. Second, improving the quality of soil, most of the
health concerns today are due to poor quality of food.

Energy Conservation – : We use a lot of non-renewable sources of energy to fulfil our daily needs.
Conservation of Energy means to conserve these resources and use alternative sources of energy to
meet our needs such as wind, solar, wave energy.

Green Skills Class 9 Notes

Green Economy and Its Importance

The green economy will help preserve resources for both the current and the next generation, while also ensuring that new employment and investment opportunities are developed to support the nation’s economic progress. Future-ready will be a green economy. Less health issues will be seen in a green economy, which will also encourage healthy lifestyles and the usage of cutting-edge technologies. Such an economy will be self-sufficient and independent. But creating such an economy will require work on all fronts.

Green Skills Class 9 Notes

Employability Skills Class 9 Notes

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