AI Class 11 NCERT Handbook Notes

The AI Class 11 NCERT Handbook Notes are designed to align with the CBSE syllabus and provide comprehensive coverage of all key topics. These notes are created by experts and provide a clear and concise summary of each chapter in the textbook. Students seeking AI Class 11 NCERT Book Notes can find them here, with each unit presented in a simple and easy-to-understand format.

AI Class 11 NCERT Handbook Notes

Employability Skills Notes

Unit 1 : Communication Skills-III
Unit 2 : Self-Management Skills-III
Unit 3 : ICT Skills-III
Unit 4 : Entrepreneurial Skills-III
Unit 5 : Green Skills-III

Subject Specific Skills Notes

Unit 1: Introduction To AI
Unit 2: AI Applications & Methodologie
Unit 3: Maths For AI
Unit 4: AI Values (Ethical Decision Making)
Unit 5: Introduction To Storytelling
Unit 6: Critical & Creative Thinking
Unit 7: Data Analysis (Computational Thinking)
Unit 8: Regression
Unit 9: Classification & Clustering
Unit 10: AI Values (Bias Awareness)

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