Information Technology Class 9 Question Answer

Information Technology Class 9 Question Answer are a crucial resource. These inquiries and responses, which span a range of subjects from the IT curriculum ( NCERT Textbook ), are meant to aid students in developing a complete understanding of the material.

The questions and answers are useful study tools for students since they allow them to assess their knowledge, pinpoint their areas of strength and weakness, and gain a deeper grasp of the subjects they need to focus on. They can also aid students in their exam preparation by offering examples from real-world situations, useful applications, and pertinent data that they might come upon in their exams.

Information Technology Class 9 Question Answer

Employability skills QASubject Specific skills QA
Unit 1 – Communication SkillsUnit 1 – Introduction to IT-ITeS Industry
Unit 2 – Self-Management SkillsUnit 2 – Data Entry and Keyboarding Skills
Unit 3 – Basic ICT SkillsUnit 3 – Digital Documentation
Unit 4 – Entrepreneurial SkillsUnit 4 – Electronic Spreadsheet
Unit 5 – Green SkillsUnit 5 – Digital Presentation

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