Class 9 Information Technology Notes

Class 9 Information Technology Notes – These Class 9 IT notes are clear, concise, and efficient, providing a time-saving solution for students. They cover all the important topics from the NCERT book for Class 9 IT 402. The notes are important and cover both Part A (Employability skills) and Part B (Subject Specific skills) of the revised Information Technology syllabus.

By using these Class 9 Information Technology Notes ( Code 402), students are well-equipped to score 50/50 on their theory exams. The notes are available on, a website also provides additional study materials and notes for the Class 9 exam.

Share these helpful Class 9 IT notes with your friends and classmates to support each other in your studies. Get the best possible results by using these concise and comprehensive notes for your Class 9 IT exams.

Class 9 Information Technology Notes

Employability skills Notes ( 10 Marks )Subject Specific skills Notes ( 40 Marks )
Unit 1 – Communication SkillsUnit 1 – Introduction to IT-ITeS Industry
Unit 2 – Self-Management SkillsUnit 2 – Data Entry and Keyboarding Skills
Unit 3 – Basic ICT SkillsUnit 3 – Digital Documentation
Unit 4 – Entrepreneurial SkillsUnit 4 – Electronic Spreadsheet
Unit 5 – Green SkillsUnit 5 – Digital Presentation

IT Class 9 notes are aimed at reducing exam-related stress and creating a more relaxed atmosphere for students as they prepare for their exams. The detailed notes serve as a valuable resource for students as they gear up for their board exams and work towards achieving their best possible results.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a national level board of education in India, conducting exams for students of Class 10th and 12th.

  • CBSE Class 10th Exam: The Class 10th exams conducted by CBSE are called the CBSE Board Exams. The exams are typically held in the month of March and the results are declared by the end of May.

The CBSE Board exams follow a standardized syllabus and examination pattern, and students from all over the country can appear for the exams. The marks obtained in the CBSE board exams hold great importance as they are considered for admission to colleges and universities in India and abroad.

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