AI Project Cycle Class 9 Questions and Answers

Teachers and Examiners collaborated to create the AI Project Cycle Class 9 Questions and Answers. All the important QA are taken from the NCERT Textbook Artificial Intelligence ( 417 ) class IX.

AI Project Cycle Class 9 Questions and Answers

1. What is the AI Project Cycle?

Answer – The AI Project Cycle is a step-by-step process that a company must follow in order to derive value from an AI project and to solve the problem.

2. What are the different AI Project stages?

Answer – The different AI Project stage are –
a. Problem Scoping
b. Data Acquisition
c. Data Exploration
d. Modeling
e. Evaluation

AI Project Cycle Class 9 Questions and Answers

3. What is Problem Scoping?

Answer – Problem scoping is the process of understanding a problem, determining the various factors that affect the problem, and defining the project’s purpose.

4. How can you identify the problem scoping from the project?

Answer – To identify the problem scoping from the project ae –
a. Understand why the project was started.
b. Define the project’s primary objectives.
c. Outline the project’s work statement.
d. Determine the most important goals.
e. Choose important milestones.
f. Determine the major constraints.
g. Make a list of scope exclusions.

AI Project Cycle Class 9 Questions and Answers

5. What is the 4Ws Problem canvas in AI?

Answer – Who, What, Where, and Why are the 4Ws of Problem Scoping. These four techniques aid in identifying and comprehending the problem.

6. What are the different methods to identify 4Ws Problem canvas?

Answer – The 4 W’s of Problem Scoping are Who, What, Where, and Why.

AI Project Cycle Class 9 Questions and Answers

7. What is the problem statement template?

Answer – Make a summary of what you’ve learnt once you’ve finished the above 4Ws. This summary is known as the problem statement template. This template gathers all of the pertinent information in one location.

8. What is data acquisition?

Answer – Data acquisition is the process of gathering accurate and reliable data to work with. Text, video, photographs, audio, and other types of data can be acquired from a variety of sources, including websites, journals, and newspapers.

AI Project Cycle Class 9 Questions and Answers

9. What is Data?

Answer – Data is a representation of facts or instructions about an entity that can be processed or conveyed by a human or a machine, such as numbers, text, pictures, audio clips, videos, and so on.

10. What is a Dataset?

Answer – A dataset is a tabular system for collecting information. A dataset is a collection of numbers or values relating to a single topic. A dataset is, for example, a group of students’ test results.

AI Project Cycle Class 9 Questions and Answers

11. How many types of dataset available in AI?

Answer – The dataset is divided into two types.

a. Training dataset – A training dataset is a big collection of data that is used to teach a machine learning model. Through training datasets, machine learning algorithms are taught to make decisions or complete tasks. The majority of the dataset is made up of training data .

b. Test dataset – Test data is data that has been clearly identified for use in testing, usually of a computer program. 20% of the data utilized in the tests

12. What are the different ways to collect Acquiring Data?

Answer – The ways to collecting Acquiring data are
a. Surveys
b. Web Scraping
c. Sensors
d. Cameras
e. Observations
f. API (application Program)

AI Project Cycle Class 9 Questions and Answers

13. What is Data Exploration?

Answer – Data analysts use data visualization and statistical methods to express dataset characterizations such as size, number, and correctness in order to better understand the nature of the data.

14. Why is Data Exploration required?

Answer – Exploration aids in the comprehension of a dataset, making it easier to explore and use later. It also aids in the rapid comprehension of data trends and patterns.

AI Project Cycle Class 9 Questions and Answers

15. Why is a Data Visualization Chart required?

Answer – Data visualization charts are graphical representations of data that utilize symbols to tell a story and aid in the comprehension of large amounts of data.

16. What is Artificial Intelligence?

Answer – Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that have been programmed to think and act in human-like ways. Artificial Intelligence can also refer to any computer that, like humans, exhibits the ability to learn and solve problems.

AI Project Cycle Class 9 Questions and Answers

17. What is Machine Learning?

Answer – Machine learning is a type of Artificial Intelligence application in which we feed the machine data and let it learn on its own. It’s simply getting a machine to perform a task without being explicitly programmed to do so.

18. What is Deep Learning?

Answer – Deep learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that involves multilayer neural networks. Deep learning examines, learns, and solves problems in the same way that humans do. To train itself, deep learning requires the machine to be trained with a significant amount of data.

AI Project Cycle Class 9 Questions and Answers

19. What do you mean by Rule Based in AI?

Answer – The developer defines the relationship or patterns in data in the rule-based approach to AI modelling. The computer follows the rules or directions of the developer and completes its task correctly.

20. What is data modeling?

Answer – A machine learning model is a computer software that has been trained to recognise patterns from a set of data. The process of developing algorithms, sometimes known as models, that may be trained to create intelligent results is known as AI modelling.

AI Project Cycle Class 9 Questions and Answers

21. What are the different types of AI models?

Answer – The different type of AI Model are –
a. Learning Based
b. Rule Based

22. What is a decision Tree?

Answer – Decision Trees are comparable to Story Speaker in terms of concept. It’s a rule-based AI approach that employs a number of judgments (or rules) to help the computer figure out what an element is.

23. What is Evaluation?

Answer – After a model has been created and trained, it must be thoroughly tested in order to determine its efficiency and performance; this is known as evaluation.

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Reference Textbook

The above AI Project Cycle Class 9 Questions and Answers was created using the NCERT Book and Study Material accessible on the CBSE ACADEMIC as a reference.

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