Neural Network Class 9 Questions and Answers

Teachers and Examiners collaborated to create the Neural Network Class 9 Questions and Answers. All the important QA are taken from the NCERT Textbook Artificial Intelligence ( 417 ) class IX.

Neural Network Class 9 Questions and Answers

1. What is algorithm?
Answer – A machine learning algorithm is a series of instructions that allows a computer programme to replicate how a human learns to classify different types of data.

2. Type of learning algorithm?
Answer – There are three type of learning algorithm.
a. Supervised Learning
b. Unsupervised Learning
c. Reinforcement Learning

3. What is supervised learning?
Answer – Supervised learning is a method of artificial intelligence development that involves training a computer algorithm on labelled input data for a specific output.

4. What is unsupervised learning?
Answer – Unsupervised learning is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) systems to detect patterns in data sets that contain data points that are neither categorized nor labelled.

5. What is reinforcement learning?
Answer – Through reinforcement learning, an intelligent agent interacts with the environment and learns to operate within it.

6. What are the future of Neural network?
Answer – The future of Neural network are –
a. Neural network systems are modelled using the human brain and nervous system.
b. They can extract features without the input of the programmer.
c. A neural network’s nodes are all machine learning algorithms.
d. It comes in handy when dealing with problems involving a huge data set.

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Reference Textbook

The above Neural Network Class 9 Questions and Answers was created using the NCERT Book and Study Material accessible on the CBSE ACADEMIC as a reference.

Disclaimer (CBSESkillEducation)- 100% of the questions are taken from the CBSE textbook Neural Network Class 9 Questions and Answers, and our team has tried to collect all the correct QA from the textbook . If you found any suggestion or any error please contact us

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