Artificial Intelligence Class 10 Notes

Teachers and Examiners (CBSESkillEduction) collaborated to create the Artificial Intelligence Class 10 Notes. All the important Information are taken from the NCERT Textbook Artificial Intelligence (417).

Artificial Intelligence Class 10 Notes

What is Intelligence?

Humans have been creating machines that can simplify their lives. The purpose of machines is to complete jobs that are either too time-consuming or tedious for people to complete. Therefore, by doing our work for us, machines lighten our weight and assist us in achieving our objectives.

Artificial Intelligence Class 10 Notes

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial is something which is man-made, which does not occur naturally. But what about Intelligence, how do we define that?

According to researchers, intelligence is the ‘ability to perceive or infer information, and to retain it as knowledge to be applied towards adaptive behaviors within an environment or context.’ 

artificial intelligence class 10 notes

Let us define each term mentioned above to get a proper understanding:

class 10 artificial intelligence notes

Artificial Intelligence can be defined:

  1. Ability to interact with the real world 
    1. To perceive, understand and act 
      1. Example: Speech Recognition – Understanding and synthesis 
      2. Example: Image Recognition 
      3. Example: Ability to take action: to have an effect 
  2. Reasoning and planning 
    1. Modelling the external world, given input 
      1. Solving new problems, planning and making decisions 
      2. Ability to deal with unexpected problems, uncertainties 
  3. Learning and adaptation 
    1. Continuous learning and adapting graph 
      1. Our internal models are always being updated 
      2. Example: Baby learning to categorize and recognize animals

How AI make decisions?

The basis for decision-making depends on the information that is available and how we perceive and comprehend it. Information in this page refers to our current knowledge, self-awareness, intuition, and past experiences.

Artificial Intelligence Class 10 Notes

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the ability of a machine to mimic human characteristics, such as decision-making, future prediction, self-improvement, and learning.

In other words, a machine is artificially intelligent when it can do activities on its own, including collecting data, comprehending it, analyzing it, learning from it, and improving it.

How do machines become Artificially Intelligent?

Humans become more and more intelligent with time as they gain experiences during their lives. machines also become intelligent once they are trained with some information which helps them achieve their tasks. AI machines also keep updating their knowledge to optimise their output.

Artificial Intelligence Class 10 Notes

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered machines are all around us. They are quickly taking over our daily lives and give us the convenience of having even the most difficult and time-consuming activities completed at the push of a button or with the help of a sensor.

  1. Google – We use Google to search the internet without realising how effectively it always provides us with precise responses. It not only quickly returns the results of our search, but it also advises and corrects the grammar of our written words.
  2. Hey Shiri – These days, we have personal assistants that respond to a single command and perform numerous tasks. Several popular voice assistants that are an integral component of our digital devices are Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Siri.
  3. Google Map – Apps like Uber and Google Maps come in handy for helping us find our way about. Consequently, it is no longer necessary to stop and ask for directions constantly.
  4. FIFA – For its users, AI has significantly improved the gaming experience. Many modern video games are supported by artificial intelligence (AI), which improves graphics,  reates new challenges for players, etc.
  5. Amazon – AI has taken care of our habits, likes, and dislikes in addition to making our lives easier. Because of this, services like Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, and YouTube, among others, display recommendations based on our preferences.
  6. Social Media – The recommendations, however, go beyond simply reflecting our preferences; they also take into account our desire to interact with friends via social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, they provide us personalised notifications about our online buying information, construct playlists automatically based on our demands, and more. Selfies have never been more enjoyable because of Snapchat’s amazing filters.
  7. Health App – That’s not everything. Our health is also being tracked by AI. There are many chatbots and other health apps available that continuously track their users’ physical and emotional wellbeing.
  8. Humanoid – These applications range from smart devices, such as Sophia, the first humanoid robot intelligent enough to obtain citizenship, to humanoids, biometric security systems, such as the face locks we have on our phones, real-time language translators, weather predictions, and other things. If we keep adding things up, this module would never end because the list is so long. Take some time, have a conversation with a friend, and start noticing more and more AI uses in your environment!

What is not AI?

Today, because there are so many different technologies all around us, we frequently mistake any other technology for artificial intelligence. Because of this, we must clearly define what constitutes AI and what does not.

Washing Machine – A fully automatic washing machine can function on its own, but choosing the washing parameters and making the necessary preparations before each wash require human participation, making the machine an example of automation rather than AI.

Air Conditioner – The internet can be used to remotely turn on and off an air conditioner, but it still requires a human touch.

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Artificial Intelligence Class 10 Notes

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