Physical Education Class 12 Chapter 6 Question Answers

Teachers and Examiners (CBSESkillEduction) collaborated to create the Physical Education Class 12 Chapter 6 Question Answers. All the important Information are taken from the NCERT Textbook Physical Education (048) class 12.

Physical Education Class 12 Chapter 6 Question Answers

1. Partial curl up is to test .
a. agility and speed
b. leg strength and endurance
c. abdominal strength and endurance 
d. upper body strength and endurance

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c. abdominal strength and endurance

2 Sit and reach test measures _____________ .
a. endurance
b. flexibility 
c. strength
d. speed

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b. flexibility

3. Which is not an item of Barrow motor ability test?
a. Medicine Ball Put
b. Zig Zag Run
c. Standing Broad Jump
d. Push-ups 

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d. Push-ups

4. What is the weight of Medicine ball for boys in medicine ball put?
a. 1 kg
b. 2 kg
c. 3 kg 
d. 4kg

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c. 3 kg

Physical Education Class 12 Chapter 6 Question Answers

5. The test duration for the Harvard fitness test is .
a. 3 minutes
b. 4 minutes
c. 5 minutes 
d. 6 minutes

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c. 5 minutes

6. To determine VO2 max which of the following is not required?
a. Weight
b. Gender
c. Age
d. Name 

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d. Name

7. Which is not an item of Rikli and Jones Test?
a. 8 Foot Up and Go
b. Sit and Reach test 
c. 6 Minute Walk Test
d. Arms Curl Test

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b. Sit and Reach test

8. What is the weight of dumbbell for men in arm curl of Rikli and Jones Test?
a. 5 pounds
b. 6 pounds
c. 8 pounds 
d. 10 pounds

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c. 8 pounds

9. Write down the process to determine the upper body endurance.
Answer – Muscular endurance tests can provide you with reliable feedback on how well your workouts are working when it comes to tracking your development in the weight room. This gives you the ability to modify the repetition counts and resistance levels of the exercises you’re doing.

Physical Education Class 12 Chapter 6 Question Answers

10. Explain the process of 600meter run/walk.
Answer – The subject can organize a 600 m walk and run on the track. From the starting line, the subject starts running. The subject could cross through. The goal is to complete the course in the quickest amount of time possible, and when he crosses the finish line, he is given his time.

11. What is general motor fitness? How can it be measured?
Answer – The capacity of an athlete to perform a variety of motor abilities without becoming overly fatigued is known as general motor fitness. Three tasks are included in the general motor ability exam for school-age and college-age boys and girls.

  • Test 1 Zig – Zag Run
  • Test 2 Standing Broad Jump .
  • Test 3 Medicine Ball Put

Test and Measurement in Sports Class 12 Important Questions

12. Explain an item of motor ability test for testing agility.
Answer – The motor ability test for fitness are –
a. Standing broad jump
b. A zigzag run
c. Medicine ball toss

13. Explain the Barrow motor ability test.
Answer – The Barrow Motor Ability Test was created to create a simple to administer motor ability test for college males. For indoor use, a test battery with the medicine ball throw, zigzag run, and standing wide jump was suggested; for outdoor use, a more comprehensive test battery was suggested.

14. What do you mean by aerobic fitness?
Answer – The aerobic workout method aims to increase the body’s ability to take in and utilise oxygen. Exercises like biking, skating, swimming, etc. are included. Regular aerobic exercise lowers your risk of developing heart disease. Cardiorespiratory endurance can be developed through aerobic exercise.

Physical Education Class 12 Chapter 6 Question Answers

15. Write the procedure of Rockport 1 mile walk test.
Answer – Set the stopwatch and start moving. Walk as swiftly as you can along the planned path without sprinting or skipping. Make sure that one foot stays on the ground at all times during the test. Stop the timer as soon as you’ve covered the entire distance and start recording your heart rate.

16. Briefly describe the tests used for assessing cardio-vascular fitness?
Answer – A variation of the shuttle run known as the progressive aerobic cardiovascular endurance run (PACER) measures a person’s maximum cardiorespiratory endurance by having them run repeatedly between two lines that are spaced 15 or 20 meters apart.

17. Explain any two test that form part of the Rikli and Jones Test.
Answer – The Rikli RE and Jones CJ-created senior fitness test is one of the simplest and most reliable methods for gauging the six essential components of “functional fitness” for the elderly, including body composition, aerobic endurance, flexibility of the lower and upper body, strength, and agility.

Test and Measurement in Sports Class 12 MCQ Questions with Answers

18. Write down the purpose of all the tests that form a part of Rikli and Jones Test.
Answer – The Rikli and Jones Senior Citizens Fitness Test was created by Fullerton University’s Drs. Roberta and Jessie Jones. It contains:
a. Chair Stand Test – Leg strength and endurance test using the chair Procedure.
b. Arm Curl Test – Test your upper body strength with an arm curl.
c. Back Scratch Test – used to measure shoulder range of motion.
d. Eight Foot Up and Go Test – used to measure movement-related speed, agility, and balance.
e. Six Minute Walk Test – It is use to measure aerobic fitness.

19. Discuss any three tests for testing the endurance and agility of senior citizens.
Answer – The Senior Fitness Test, created by Rikli RE and Jones CJ, is one of the best and easiest methods for determining six crucial aspects of an aged person’s “functional fitness,” including body composition, lower and upper body strength, aerobic endurance, lower and upper body flexibility.

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