Write the difference between Absolute and Relative cell reference

Q. Write the difference between absolute and relative cell reference?


Q. Differentiate between relative and absolute reference?

Answer – Difference between absolute and  relative cell reference are –

a. Absolute – A fixed reference in a formula is called an absolute reference. Only the specific row and columns will be mentioned. It won’t change whether you copy the formula to another cell or use AutoFill. You can make any cell absolute by using the dollar sign ($).

b. Relative – A Relative reference is the same as a cell reference. Simply supplying the row and column value might be used to refer to a cell. When a formula is copied to another cell or AutoFill is used, relative references update and change automatically.


There are three different ways to refer to cells in Spreadsheet. It’s easy to get confused, especially if you’re new to Spreadsheet. Two of the most common ways are Absolute and Relative cell reference, and both of them have their advantages. Absolute reference used when specific row and columns address is required from another sheet, but Relative reference is local cell address. 



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