Employability Skills Class 9 PDF

Employability Skills Class 9 PDF (CBSE) Textbook, Syllabus, MCQs and QA will helps you to improving the ‘soft’ skills, now a day employers want candidates to demonstrate to show that they can work well in the organization.

Employability Skills Class 9 PDF help to become a successful entrepreneur or if you plan to work freelance on projects with clients.

Employability Skills Class 9 PDF

employability skills class 9
Employability Skills Class 9

Students can download CBSE Employability Skill Class 9 Textbook from CBSE Academic website or you can download from below link also

Employability Skills Class 9 Syllabus

Communication Skills – Unit 1

Introduction to Communication – Session 1
Verbal Communication – Session 2
Non-Verbal Communication – Session 3
Writing Skills: Parts of Speech – Session 4
Writing Skills: Sentences – Session 5
Pronunciation Basics – Session 6
Greetings and Introduction – Session 7
Talking about Self – Session 8
Asking Questions I – Session 9
Asking Questions II – Session 10

Self-Management Skills – Unit 2

Introduction to Self-management – Session 1
Strength and Weakness Analysis – Session 2
Self-confidence – Session 3
Positive Thinking – Session 4
Personal Hygiene – Session 5
Grooming – Session 6

Information and Communication Technology Skills – Unit 3

Introduction to ICT – Session 1
ICT Tools: Smartphones and Tablets — I – Session 2
ICT Tools: Smartphones and Tablets — II – Session 3
Parts of Computer and Peripherals – Session 4
Basic Computer Operations – Session 5
Performing Basic File Operations – Session 6
Communication and Networking — Basics of Internet – Session 7
Communication and Networking — Internet Browsing – Session 8
Communication and Networking — Introduction to e-mail – Session 9
Communication and Networking — Creating an e-mail Account – Session 10
Communication and Networking — Writing an e-mail – Session 11
Communication and Networking — Receiving and Replying to e-mails – Session 12

Entrepreneurship Skills – Unit 4

What is Entrepreneurship – Session 1
Role of Entrepreneurship – Session 2
Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur – Session 3
Distinguishing Characteristics of Entrepreneurship and Wage Employment – Session 5
Types of Business Activities – Session 6
Product, Service and Hybrid Businesses – Session 7
Entrepreneurship Development Process – Session 8

Green Skills – Unit 5

Society and Environment – Session 1
Conserving Natural Resources – Session 2
Sustainable Development and Green Economy – Session 3

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Reference Textbook

The above topic was created using the NCERT Book and Study Material accessible on the CBSE official website as a reference.

NCERT, N. C. E. R. T. (n.d.). Cbseacademic.nic.in. CBSE Study Material Of EMPLOYABILITY CLASS IX. Retrieved January 15, 2022, from https://cbseacademic.nic.in/web_material/Curriculum20/publication/secondary/Employability_Skills_IX.pdf

Employability Skills Class 9 PDF | FAQs

Q1. What are employability skills class 9?

Employability skills necessary for every job, it is part of jobs which include skills and behaviors. Employability skills are job-readiness skills.

Q2. Benefit of Employability skills?

  1. Communicate with colleague
  2. Solve problems
  3. Understand your role within the team
  4. To improve your Personal qualities, habits, and attitudes influence how you interact with others.

Q3. What do you mean by employability skills?

Students can improve the knowledge of those skills which will help you to get employment in various sectors. In class 9 their is 5 units which students have to learn.

Q4. Who manages the employability skills CBSE curriculum?

The National Curriculum Framework–2005 (NCERT) advises integrating work and education into the curricular domain, infusing it throughout all areas of learning while providing it its own identity at appropriate levels.

NCERT Manage the Employability Skills curriculum.

Q5. How to download the Employability Skills CBSE textbook?

You can download the Employability Skills Class 9 textbook from CBSE Academic Website or you can download from our website also.

Q6. What is self management skills for Class 9?

The self-management skills are a set of abilities that help us improve ourselves.

Q7. Is CBSE Syllabus For Class 9 Employability Skills difficult?

No, in the employability skills class 9 textbook, contain basic information, you can prepare this questions and answers from NCERT Textbook or from our website. 

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Employability skills textbook class IX helps to improve the ‘soft’ skills nowadays employers want candidates to demonstrate to show that they can work well in the organization.

These skills help to become a successful entrepreneur or if you plan to work freelance on projects with clients.

Disclaimer : 100% of the questions are taken from the CBSE textbook, and our team has tried to collect all the correct questions and answers from the textbook.

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